Why contract with a 3rd party Transaction Coordination company?

  • To make sure California Department of Real Estate ( DRE ) minimum sales disclosures are signed by all parties including Client’s own proprietary disclosures.
  • For QC purposes and to free up Client’s valuable time by having CCPS’ transaction coordinators do all the back-and-forth communications between all parties for getting all the sales disclosures signed.
  • No payroll requirement as we are paid on a contract basis.
  • Cost control. We charge no monthly fees, but only on a per closed file. If file does not close for any reason, then we do not get paid from any party of the sales transaction.

Details of our Transaction Coordination Services:

  • Give timeline of contingency deadlines and close of escrow with reminders.
  • Create Extension of Time Addendum per Client’s instructions.
  • Keep records for the Client of all mandatory DRE minimum sales disclosures including the Client’s proprietary sales disclosures no matter if complete or incomplete due to cancellation of contract.
  • Order HOA documents and/or solar lease documents as necessary, prelim report and copy of earnest money deposit for Client’s record.
  • Gather all Buyer’s Investigation Report including the Agent Visual Inspection Disclosures.
  • All disclosures can be electronically signed by all parties of the transaction by using CCPS’ paid 3rd party digital signature vendor.
  • Request a copy of the final settlement statement for either the buyer or seller or both depending on which side of the Client is representing.

What we CANNOT do for the Client:

  • Create offer and negotiate terms of the purchase contract for the Client.
  • Create any Addendum or Request for Repairs as the Client has privilege knowledge that can prevent mistakes, omissions or miscommunication between all parties of the sales transaction. Transaction Coordinator can create said forms with supervision and review by the Client prior to transmission.
  • Transaction Coordinator cannot explain the verbiage in any disclosures to the client as that is the requirement of the DRE licensed Agent or Broker that is representing them.

Getting Started:

  • Click on this link to fill out our Broker Registration form so we can email our Service Agreement contract to you for your review, and to esign if you want to move forward with our service.


  • CCPS charges $450 transaction coordination fee per side represented by Client. If Client is representing both sides of the sales transaction, then it is $450 x 2 = $900 total.
  • The transaction coordination fee can be disclosed on the Residential Purchase Agreement ( ie Buyer to pay $450 TC Fee ), or on the Residential Listing Agreement ( ie Seller to pay $450 TC Fee ). It is the Client’s responsibility to disclose this transaction coordination fee.
  • In the event that the sales transaction does not close due to cancellation of contract by either party, then there is no fee paid to CCPS by any party to the sales transaction.

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